Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I was up in Seattle over the summer and I found myself in a Goodwill hunting for cameras. This particular Goodwill was pretty big with a wide selection of cheap, cheaper and even super-cheaper cameras. I was only really looking for any Polaroid camera's I didn't have, but one little plastic black 35mm, an "Ansco Panoramic" camera, caught my eye. Here's one out of the package, brand-spanking new. I bought it for a whopping $2, packed it up and took it home with me to sunny California.
I honestly really didn't think too much of the camera and forgot all about it for a few months. However, I ended up heading back to the Salton Sea area last month so I decided to take my little pano with me.

Ch...I'm pretty stoked I did. I really like what I got with the first roll. I have never shot with a pano-type camera before and I really like wide frame! The colors, for the most part, are pretty so-so, but I chalk that up to my crappy expired Kodak I loaded into it. I think some b&w would look sweet.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my new cheap little plastic pano :)


Nick Leonard said...

Wow, I love the turnout of the images! What a steal.

Nathan said...

Super-crappy-camera-goodness is what I call it! Love the tones.

sergelapelle said...

Lovely pictures! Perfect setting. Be great to see a few different film types and processes. Possibility = Endless

emma said...

love the colours - they suit the landscape . . . the most fabulously trashy TP I've seen !

mr. Tim said...

I totally dig the chair shot. And the last one in the post, excellent tones.