Friday, September 25, 2009

The September Playlist.

As most of you know, I love photography. But, alas, there is more to me than just expired film and crappy old cameras. I also love music. Yes, yes, big shocker, I know. I often take a Polaroid or a photo that reminds me of a particular song. Or, I hear a song or album that inspires me to do something new or unique with my cameras. Creativity often inspires more creativity.
September will usher in a new aspect of this blog...monthly playlists inspired by Polaroids. Polaroids and music. It's as simple as that. These playlists will highlight current projects and photos I've been working on as well as showcase music that deserves to be showcased. Take a gander...and check out the featured artists and songs.

Sun 660, expired type 779, Salton Sea, CA.

Emulsion lift of an expired ID-UV shot onto a 600 blank Polaroid. Joshua Tree, CA.

Sun 660, expired 600 from '03, Joshua Tree, CA.

Countdown 70, expired ID-UV from '08, Joshua Tree, CA.

Sun 660, expired type 779, Orange County, CA.

Countdown 70, expired ID-UV, Salton Sea, CA.

SX-70, expired 600 from '03, Los Angeles, CA.

Spectra SE, expired 2004, somewhere out in the Mojave desert, CA.

Land Camera 440, expired ID-UV from '08, Los Angeles, CA.

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emma said...

love a window shot . . . pretty light through them curtains !