Saturday, November 1, 2008

The New Addition.

Boys and girls. Meet the new member of my family. A delightful Polaroid 150 Land Camera straight from the late 1950's. She's a beast alright, weighing in at around ten pounds. But, she's also quite beautiful. The 150 was given to me as a gift (!) Along with, get this, four rolls of 47 Polaroid film from 1992. If you're not too familiar with roll's basically impossible to find, anywhere, and if you're lucky enough to stumble upon some, you're gonna have to pay a pretty penny. 

After trying to figure her out...for about an hour...I was able to snap my first image. There is no Photoshop here, that's how it looks, pulled straight OUT from inside the camera.

Roll film is rather tricky and very different from pack film. The image actually develops inside the camera and you open up the back and peel it out. It's pretty amazing. I am absolutely in love with this camera. What a wonderful gift. 

I'm taking it with me on my next adventure to Joshua Tree. Tune in soon for some new images! 

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jessicagrady said...

what a blessing to be given all that!! makes it all the more special =] lovely photos